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我們的目標仍是在覺知中創造不同。創造香氛讓其帶來樂趣、情感和彩色在人們的生活中。增進繁榮:透過工作和科技便利 ; 責任度: 保護消費者透過我們的標準守則。並尊重這地球共享環境。

遠景 :香氛是安全且生活中不可或缺的。

任務 :IFRA倡導香氛安全使用,讓每人享受之。

主要價值 :科技是基石; 我們致力誠信; 我們承諾合作

IFRA標準為香氛創作設立界線: 確保人們安心享受香水的藝術。使用科學證據和見解,來看人們是如何使用香氛產品,以進階發展公平原則來促進人們健康,並帶來創新。

How we make the difference - in every sense

In 1973 the global fragrance industry came together to form a new international association. Its mission: to represent the collective interests of the industry and promote the safe use and enjoyment of fragrances around the world.

Nearly half a century later, The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) brings together seven multinational companies and 21 national associations in 23 countries across four regions.

Our goal remains to make the difference - in every sense: to create fragrances that bring joy, emotion and color to people's lives; to support prosperity through jobs and scientific advances; and to act responsibility - protecting consumers through our Code of Practice and IFRA Standards, and our respect for our shared environment.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Fragrance is a safe and essential part of life

Our Mission

IFRA promotes the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment

Our Core Values

Science is our foundation
We advocate with integrity
We are committed to collaboration

The IFRA Standards set the boundaries for fragrance creation – ensuring that people can enjoy the art of perfumery with confidence. We use scientific evidence and insights into how people use fragranced products to develop fair rules to enhance your well-being and bring you the latest innovation.


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