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公平交易 Fair Trade

公平交易 Fair Trade

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"我們的使命是讓社區在包容下成長。基於此使命,FairTEA團隊確保資金能維持在有責任度且持續性支持相關工作。" - Dr. Winfried Fuchshofen, Executive Director


FairTSA 公平交易基本標準



About FairTSA org.

"Inclusive community development is our mission. It is through this requirement that the FairTSA team ensures that the funding associated with our work is both accountable and sustainable."
Dr. Winfried Fuchshofen, Executive Director

To this end, FairTSA has developed its own community development support program and leverages certifiers’ networks, qualified indigenous personnel, and collaborating NGOs. This way we support producer communities in their efforts to create decent living conditions while empowering the local communities through the democratic process. In specific cases we can also facilitate an on-site Futuresearch Project Planning process, an innovative method to bring people of many walks of life together in a joint planning process for a common purpose.
Support for Producers is integral to endeavor. Often, Fair Trade and Social Responsibility certifications leave especially small producers alone in trying to cope with requirements that are based on our Western, document-centered “standard and control” culture. When this Western culture meets people in a mostly oral or traditional culture, the results can clash, and
mutual misunderstandings are not uncommon. Therefore, we offer our producers support even before they sign up with us – from free seminars to the assignment of a Producer Relations Manager to help guide them through the process.

FairTSA Fair Trade Basic Standard

The FairTSA Fair Trade Basic Standard covers agricultural products and
processing as well as cosmetics. From its inception, the FairTSA Standards
have been designed to comply with the requirements of the International
Standardization Organization (ISO). The standard attempts to combine firm
and clear requirements with enough flexibility to cover culturally diverse
situations. For products certified under this standard, the whole supply chain
in the country of origin must be certified.


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